5 Signs It's Time To Replace Your Roof

July 20, 2023by dealmanager

Like a chapter in the book of homeownership, we’ve all experienced the nuisance of a leaky roof. This inconvenience, sometimes escalating to substantial damage, can keep us awake at night—literally. But the question of when it’s time to swap a patch-up job for a full roof replacement can be quite perplexing. Today, we’re diving into this subject, shedding light on five critical signs that it might be time to consult with a professional company like Deal Construction for a complete roof replacement.

1. Age of the Roof

Life Expectancy of Your Roofing Material

Roofs, much like anything else in this world, aren’t immune to the effects of time. As the year’s roll by, your roof may gradually lose its effectiveness at shielding your home from nature’s elements. Expert consensus suggests that the lifespan of a typical roof ranges between 20 and 25 years. Several factors can affect this timeline, such as whether the existing roof was entirely removed before installing a new one and whether there’s only a single layer of shingles. Additionally, proper ventilation plays a critical role in preserving your roof’s longevity. If you discover that your roof was laid over a pre-existing layer, or perhaps multiple layers, and it’s aged beyond 20 years, the signs point to a need for a roof replacement.

2. Shingles are Curling and Buckling

Curling Shingles

The state of your shingles can reveal a lot about the health of your roof. Shingles have a tendency to curl in two distinct ways: ‘cupping,’ which occurs when the edges of the shingles begin to curl upwards, and ‘clawing,’ where the middle of the shingle starts to rise. Both are tell-tale signs of weathering and serve as indicators of potential trouble, possibly leaks, looming on the horizon.

Buckling Shingles

Buckling shingles are not just a cosmetic issue but a clear sign of underlying structural problems. Buckling, which manifests as a visible distortion running vertically up your roof’s slope, is a telltale symptom of an aging roof system. Buckled shingles are highly vulnerable – wind can tear them off with surprising ease, leaving your home exposed to the elements. The risk is especially high in areas with frequent strong winds or storms. Moreover, buckled shingles become prime targets for ice damage during winter months, accelerating the deterioration process. This increased susceptibility to weather damage means that if buckling shingles are a widespread issue on your roof, it’s probably time for a comprehensive roof replacement.

5 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Roof

3. Roof Valleys

The valleys of your roof, where two sloping roofs intersect, are crucial to the effective drainage of rain and melting snow. They guide these elements away from the roof, preventing accumulation that can lead to leaks or structural damage. If shingles in these areas are breaking down or missing entirely, it’s an almost certain indicator that you need a new roof. This sign should not be taken lightly because once the integrity of the valleys is compromised, it can drastically increase your home’s susceptibility to water damage. Regularly inspecting these areas, especially after harsh weather, can prevent small issues from escalating into major problems, like severe leaks or even water damage within the interior of your home.

4. Chimney Flashing

The chimney flashing is a critical component of your roof that seals and protects the joint between the roof and the chimney. If your flashing consists of roof cement or tar, it may not withstand the test of time or harsh weather. These materials, while initially effective, can crack and degrade over time, leading to water seepage. Replacing these outdated materials with a long-term, water-tight metal flashing system can dramatically increase your roof’s durability. Metal flashing systems offer superior resistance against water intrusion, substantially reducing the risk of leaks around your chimney.

5. Daylight Through the Roof Boards

Feeling like you’re walking on a trampoline when you’re on your roof is a serious sign that the roof structure is compromised. This sensation can be caused by moisture weakening the underlying decking of your roof. A more alarming symptom is seeing daylight seeping through the roof boards. This calls for immediate attention as it’s indicative of gaps or holes in your roof, which not only let in light but also water and cold air. Inspecting your attic for such issues is a vital part of home maintenance. Look for daylight coming through the roof boards and for moisture in the insulation, which might suggest that water is getting past your shingles and underlayment. These symptoms signal a significant problem that may require a full roof replacement.

Keeping an eye out for these signs can be the difference between replacing your roof now or dealing with extensive damage later. If you spot any of these signs, it’s best to get a professional opinion. An experienced roofer can assess the condition of your roof and advise you on the most suitable solution, be it repair or replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How long does a typical roof last? Most roofs last between 20 to 25 years, provided they were well installed and there are no multiple layers of shingles.

2. What causes shingles to curl and buckle? Curling and buckling of shingles are typically caused by weathering and can indicate potential leaks.

3. Why are roof valleys important? Roof valleys are crucial as snow and rain flow through valleys into gutters. If compromised, you might be at risk for roof leaks.

4. What is the best material for chimney flashing? Metal flashing systems are the most durable and water-tight solution for chimney flashing.

5. How can I check if there’s damage from the inside of the house? Check your attic for daylight coming through roof boards and for moisture in the insulation.

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