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Retaining walls are as beautiful as they are functional. If you’ve even taken the time to study some of the homes in New Jersey, you’ll notice those that stand out the most typically have stone retaining walls. Have you ever considering upgrading your property with a new retaining wall installation? It’s a great idea!

Investing in a retaining wall system can elevate your curb appeal and take your landscape style to a whole new level of refinement.

Retaining Wall Services in New Jersey

The first step in this process is critical. Don’t just settle on any retaining wall company for your project. You want to select a company with years of retaining wall installation experience that can do the job right the first time. For both residential and commercial clients, we specialize in the installation and construction of retaining walls.

  • We provide professional design and construction services to construct a wide range of retaining walls, retaining wall systems, gabion walls, and accent walls to meet structural and decorative needs.
  • We can design and install to meet commercial and residential retaining wall construction needs, no matter how large or small they are.
  • We provide the option of retaining walls made of a variety of materials, including natural stone, manufactured stone, concrete blocks, railroad ties, landscaping ties.

At Deal Construction, our highest priorities are the safety of the project and the satisfaction of our clients in New Jersey. With 20 years of experience, we hope you will entrust us to be your chosen retaining wall contractor in NJ when you decide on a new hardscape.


What is a Retaining Wall Construction?

Retaining walls look much like a simple stone structure surrounded by brick or concrete design. But in reality, there is so much more involved in the installation process. Every retaining wall is carefully engineered by retaining wall builders and constructed using the appropriate requirements and blueprints, for starters.

At Deal Construction Inc landscape retaining wall contractors know the specifics of creating a functional and attractive retaining wall, from design and measurements to proper materials and sloping land issues.

Advantages of Retaining Wall Installation in NJ

  • Increase the value and space of your property.
  • Furthermore, it is cost-effective.
  • They can increase the versatility of your backyard, which can add beauty to your home.
  • Retaining walls increase the amount of space available and make gardening more fun.
  • Elimination of sloped landscape issues
  • Greater curb appeal
  • Extra privacy
  • Elevated driveways
  • Designated entertaining areas

Do You Need Retaining Wall Install Pros?

Why Choose a Professional Retaining Wall Builder in NJ

When building a retaining wall, it is critical to understand lateral earth pressure because this science helps landscapers assess, design, and engineer a safe construction for environmental and structural demands.

At Deal Construction Inc., this is one of the many things our professional retaining wall contractors NJ take into consideration when we construct walls and design. We guarantee our work will resist long-term tilting, cracking, and bowing with poorly constructed walls built by inexperienced contractors.

Our professional contractors have loads of experience in retaining wall construction and installation services throughout Northern New Jersey. Call us for a free quote or estimate today!

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