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At Deal Construction Inc, we provide chimney repair and construction services to commercial and residential clients in New Jersey. The chimneys we repair and construct are known for long-lasting performance, safety, and superior quality. We are fully insured, and we guarantee our work. Whether you are looking for new chimney construction or repair, our skilled team is happy to help.

The chimney is one of the most unappreciated parts of your home. Many chimneys are hidden from view and don’t play a role in the design or function of your home. But just because you can’t see chimneys all the time doesn’t mean they aren’t working hard to keep your home safe and healthy.

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Chimneys eliminate the excess moisture, which could otherwise cause mold, mildew, structural damage, and rot. In addition, chimneys vent hot fumes away from living spaces, especially important for homes without forced-air furnace systems protecting you from harmful carbon monoxide poisoning.

Chimney repairs and chimney maintenance services help prevent chimney fires that could otherwise burn down a house in hours. At Deal Construction Inc, we offer all types of professional chimney solutions and services in NJ.


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  • Residential Chimney Repair Masonry
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  • Chimney Restoration
  • Chimney Inspection
  • Chimney Cleaning/Sweep
  • Chimney Relining
  • Chimney Liners
  • Chimney Caps
  • Chimney Cover
  • Chimney Brick Replacement and more

The #1 NJ Chimney Repairs, Cleaning & Inspections

Chimney Installation

Our chimney installation services include chimney repair, chimney sweeping, and chimney inspection. So whether you are looking to have your chimneys fixed or need a new chimney built, our experts will help get the job done right for an affordable price. 

Our team of professionals is experienced in all phases of installing and repairing chimneys from top to bottom. In addition, we provide consultation and estimate on design specifications along with building permits when necessary. With over 20 years of experience, we can tackle any project, big or small.

Chimney Repair

Suppose you have a chimney that needs repair or has deteriorated over time. In that case, it’s essential to know how to identify and address the issues with your chimney. We are a chimney repair NJ professional who can assist you with all types of repairs for any type of chimney, whether industrial, commercial, or residential. 

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At Deal Construction Inc, you will get an immediate response from one of our expert members on what we recommend as well as help provide solutions for other problems like having cracks in the skirting around the outside of your house.

Chimney Inspection

Chimney inspections are essential when it comes to keeping your chimney and your family safe. Like any appliance in your home, you should ensure that your chimney is cleaned, inspected, cleaned, or otherwise maintained. Chimney inspection helps ensure your home stays safe from smoke and fire hazards.

Chimney inspections can benefit any homeowner as they do not require much maintenance and can last for a long time. While there are many aspects to this service in NJ, some key points are important to remember. Depending on the state of your chimney, we can provide you with all the chimney services that chimney inspection might show.

Chimney Liners

The majority of chimney flues and liners deteriorate with time, making it dangerous to use your fireplace. Liners are vital because they channel heating and gas through the top of the chimney and block the heat from producing fuel from the fire. Therefore, you have to get the chimney relined before using your fireplace when your liner is cracked or crumbled. Suppose you have doubts when your chimney expert suggests you remove your chimney at Deal Construction Inc. In that case, we can help to inspect chimneys through camera equipment and provide a live image of the damage.

Chimney Relining

A new flue liner is installed when a chimney is relined. Carbon monoxide is prevented from leaking into your home by using a chimney liner. In addition, if a chimney fire starts, your chimney liner can help put it out. It also helps protect your home from a dangerous chimney fire. This is why, if necessary, chimney relining is important. Our trained NJ chimney professionals can help you in dealing with this.

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Chimney Caps Installation

Some homeowners are simply unaware that their chimney needs to be installed with a chimney cap and dampers. Where the weather is challenging to deal with, many NJ residential homeowners may be unaware of how important it is to install a cap and dampers to ensure a safe installation of your fireplace.

Chimney caps and dampers will ensure that when you’re using your fireplace, there is no risk of an avalanche of deadly sparks down your chimney. The safety of your home is important, not only because of the sparks but because of the danger of a chimney fire. Fires can spread very rapidly when a chimney is weakened or has a hole in it.

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Why Choose Deal Construction Inc as Your Trusted Chimney Installer in NJ?

Constructing tall masonry structures is challenging. At Deal Construction Inc., we use different types of chimney construction processes depending on the requirements of the building. Our chimney construction team begins by performing a thorough initial analysis of the ground area and the operating conditions of the chimney.

We create a chimney design based on the information gathered from our initial analysis. Our team of qualified and certified designers and engineers ensure that the design is structurally stable, high in performance, and long-lasting. We submit the detailed design for your approval, along with a quote. Once you approve, we begin the construction process.

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